Adding Value Every Step Of The Way

The perfect finish starts and ends at Qualicoat with access to knowledge, expertise and support you typically don’t find at an industrial-coating company.

  • Proactive engineering support. We focus on providing the optimal solution to your specific needs.
  • Quality mania. We’re obsessed with delivering the ultimate in coating performance consistently and repeatedly through multiphase SPC, ISO and U.S. Department of Defense certifications, and other processes.
  • Supply-chain integration. Timely and detailed estimates, quick turnaround, and Just-In-Time delivery are a few of the many ways we work around the way you work.
  • A culture of integrity and trust. There’s no other way to do business as far as we’re concerned.

To discuss how we can improve whatever you make, please contact us at
(585) 293-2650 or

Qualicoat's 48,000 sq.-ft. state-of-the-art facility includes engineering, pretreatment, coating and finishing departments that work in tight synchronization with each other for Just In Time delivery to our customers.